definitions by michaels


A cry of astonishment. This is usually used when something has gone pear-shaped or haywire. Similar to <a href=>ghen ghen</a>


Someone who puts their nose in someone else's business, overly inquisitive.

Slay Queen

Girls who do not have a wealthy background but appear as if they do. They use malicious acts to attain cash, drink expensive alcohol, procure expensive cellphones. But back at home she's a chicken chaser.


A way of asking someone to calm down, usually when they are stressed and you know you are on top of the situation. A merge between "chill" and "relax".

pick race

To move at a speed that is faster than walking and running combined, usually when trying to hide after doing something wrong/illegal


Ranting endlessly or making threats or that most times, will never be acted on.


The Naija version of "If I" spoken as a result of the Nigerian accent


Privately owned mini-buses that travel fixed routes and leaves only when they are filled. Highly popular due to its cheap cost.


A security guard whose main (and only) job is to open and close the gates.


Problems or something that is stressing hell out of you

na so you dey?

Expression of disappointment, surprise or sometimes, disgust usually when the person being referred to has done something unexpected.


Large parties in which guests are usually separated into groups depending on their outfit. Parties are not owambe until money are sprayed.

where you dey?

"Where are you" or "where were you" - if used in a past tense context

JAMB question

Questions that are hard to answer usually because you don't want to tell the truth


Empty promises or threats. Something that cannot be achieved