kukuu kill me

Your expression when you have finally resolved that death is the only way to save yourself from facing the stupidity of someone you just encountered.

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What you say when you intend to say "question" but there is a clash between your sanity and the power of the pidgin demons in your head.

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Used when you intend to say 'Am I right?'. Popular in Hausa-speaking areas.


Of or referring to Lagos state in Nigeria. Something with such origin or related to the place

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LAWMA lo ni trash

Yoruba term roughly translating to "Leave trash for LAWMA". Used as a diss by Olamide at the Headies2016 to mean he don't handle trash (people).

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A category of humanity that can be lifted from the ground with just a breath. Why? They are too slim (NOT thin!)

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LOBATAN is when your boyfriend wants u to meet his family & on getting there the elder brother is your EX. The sister is the lady you just fought with over a man. The mother is d nurse who begged you not to abort your 4th pregnancy but u did.... The father is the sugar daddy who just bought you an iPhone 7...GBAM LOBATAN

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long throat

To want something so badly that you will chase it (or them) with your last breath

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made in china

Eat and lick the plate clean till the logo or sticker at the bottom of plate is visible. "To see the made in china"


A security guard whose main (and only) job is to open and close the gates.






Turn Up

Oya come and beat me


Small pikin